Stagger Knight
Stagger Knight in normal form
Stagger Knight in normal form
Vital statistics
Position Chaotic Neutral
Age  ???
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6ft (12ft in Abyssal form)
Weight 176 pounds (300 in Abyssal form)
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Stagger Knight is a black humanoid creature appearing in the games. He appears to be male and a massive faggot


Stagger Knight dons red steel armor with black pants and brown boots. In his right hand he hold a steel broad sword dubbed: Abstergo. In his left he hold a wooden shield with iron around the edges.


Stagger Knight has won a total of 5 games. 4 in normal form, and 1 in abyssal.

Abyssal Form Edit

When, Ta-Class assisted Stagger into turning into an abyssal, something unexpected happened. Stagger no longer had his personality and went under the name "Abyssal Knight". Ta-Class feared what she had created and had sought to destroy him. Later, his Abyssal form stabilized and Stagger's personality took over. But he seemed much colder and stronger. He some times accidentally transforms into his Abyssal form when he undergoes extreme rage. Also, in his Abyssal form, he is about the size of Ira Gamagori.