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Quagmire's "Giggity Banner"

About Quagmire Edit

Glenn Quagmire is a 60ish year old man that Has a fetish for almost anything, as long as he can stick his knob into it, that is.

He resides in Quqahog, Rhode Island. where he does various things such as: Hire Hookers, Roofie Hookers, Sex, Sex, and more sex.

He is an airplane pilot and is a registered Sex Offender.

Quagmire's good friend Peter Griffin does make an appearance in the games

Personality and Sexuality Edit

Sexuality: does it have a hole? if yes than he'll do it, if no then he'll still find a way.

Personality: Quagmire is a pervert. simple as that. not much else to say.

Relationships and Stats Edit

Quagmire has made some decent friends during his stay, while none are too notable he does get along with others.

So far Quagmire has won 0 games.