Vital statistics
Position Planeptune CPU Goddess
Age Unknown
Status Fucking Adorable
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"(player1) explodes."Neptune is a regular avatarfag and host, as well as the administrator of the HGAV Wiki.

Her full title(according to her) is "Goddess CPU Empress Neptune of Justice the conqueror "

The Wiki Edit

Neptune started the HGAV Wiki after joking about it in the steam chat. Several others in said chat responded with "DO IT"

Background Edit

Neptune Joined sometime in April of 2015

She picked "Neptune" to be her first avatar because she was playing through

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 1 at the time

Landmines Edit

Neptune's arch-nemesis is landmines. Landmines repeatedly prove to be her downfall in the games


An image chronicling the takeover

Empress Neptune Edit

On the 15th on may, 2015, Neptune has a series of impressive gets. Anons and Avatars alike named her the new Empress.

Relationships Edit

Neptune has many friends as of now, but the most notable is Eruka Frog.

Eruka Edit

Neptune and Eruka started being friends mostly due to everyone picking on Eruka for being a bit abrasive to the other tributes. Around the time of the Hoshion Wedding, Anons started to Ship Eruka and Nep, for at least a day the two seemed to be against this, but shortly after, the two started showing signs that, maybe it could be happening. On the 11th of May, 2015, Eruka began what seemed to be a confession, but disappointed everyone present by saying "Let's be best friends" instead of what was being implied. Later on the same thread, however, Eruka posted "If someone replies to this post with dubs, I'll give it a shot. An Anon replied "I aint giving up!" successfully rolled dubs in reply to her post. Eruka then asked Neptune out on a date, who responded "Yes!" It appears Neptune's sister, Nepgear, is not OK with this relationship.

Nepgear Edit

Nepgear is Neptunes younger sister, and the CPU Candidate for Planeptune. Neptune is a little protective towards her sister and is completely against any lewd activity.