Metal Sonic's Time in the gamesEdit

Metal Sonic Profile

Metal Sonic's first appearance image


Mecha Sonic as he appears in the 1st Aura Games

 Metal Sonic is an Avatarfag that Joined in in early 2015, when he formally introduced himself to others and then proceeded to join in the games following. 

 Metal Sonic Tried to host 1 time months ago but it ultimately ended in a catastrophic Failure that still haunts him to this day. 

Metal Sonic's 1st Victory

Metal Sonic's first win

 Metal Sonic won a total of 1 game. 

Metal Sonic has gone through various different iterations including: 

Neo Metal Sonic

Titan Metal Sonic

Hyper Metal Sonic

Chibi Metal Sonic

Broken Metal Sonic

 Super Metal Sonic

Mecha Sonic

Metal Scourge

Sir Metal Sonic (one time only)

Metal Blonic
Super Metal Sonic by SuperChaos2585

Super Metal Sonic as he appeared in one game

Impostors and AffiliationsEdit


Metal Sonic has had 1 Impostor so far: Neo Metal Sonic impostor:

Neo Metal Sonic impostor/Metal Overlord is disliked by Dr. robotnik and by Metal Sonic himself.


Metal sonic is affiliated with Zhe Medic.

Medic intro.png

Zhe Medic as he is seen in game.

Both Zhe Medic and Metal Sonic reside at the Lab where Metal Sonic has had several upgrades and reprogramming sessions.