Ira Gamagori is the disciplinary committee leader of Honnouji Academy. He began participating in Hunger Game threads in early April, up until his suicide on May 17, 2015. He has an undying hate for Medusa, who he claims ruined his relationship with Satsuki Kiryuin, and is the lost brother of Eruka Frog. He is currently residing on King Kai's planet.

Gamagori bored

Ira Gamagori.

Gamagori and Medusa 

Gamagori and Medusa's relationship began in the Shion Games, where Gamagori pledged himself to Medusa in two separate games. Claiming he was blinded by the games, Gamagori began his crusade against Medusa, and has since rejoined Satsuki's side, albeit with reduced respect from her. Gamagori and Medusa have clashed on multiple occasions.

Gamagori and Eruka Frog Gamagori and Eruka Frog first became aware of each other upon the release of "Foot Shit 2", a fanfiction by Satsuki. In this fanfiction, Gamagori uses Eruka as a human fleshlight, the objective of this to break the rebellious witch, who would not bow before Satsuki. Later, Medusa let Gamagori rape Eruka once again, as Eruka was acting out, which Medusa did not approve of.  Later, Houka Inumuta uncovered data that proved that Gamagori and Eruka were blood related. Both Eruka and Gamagori were appaled and shocked by this, Gamagori the most shocked, as this meant not only had Gamagori raped Eruka, but the act was incestual. Gamagori often used the first raping as a mean to tease and torment Eruka, though after the revelation of their blood-relation, he has refrained from this.


Gamagori's only known win, as of date.

Gamagori's Suicide On the morning of May 17, 2015, realizing that, if he continued down the dark path he was going, he would eventually hurt Mako, Gamagori committed suicide, by hanging himself with his own whips. He declined an offer from Death to return to his own body, and accepted the offer of King Kai.  He is currently living on King Kai's planet, at peace from his own sins at long last.

Gamagori's suicide note