Ilyasveil Von Einzbern is a regular avatarfag. She joined and became active thanks to Kana's constant prodding for lewds.

History of The Games Edit

ABOUT ILYA                        Ilya is an 18 year old homuncului mage girl from the Fate/Stay Night series by Type Moon. She is the master of Berserker, an insane version of Hercules. Personality wise she is generally a kind, friendly and upbeat girl. Though if she gets angry then she can be cruel and unforgiving. If she is comfortable with somebody then she will be more lewd, suggestive and in some cases dominant with them. All Ilya truly cares for in the end is her friends happiness.

THE TIME UNDER KANA Underneath Kana, Ilya became active in the community. Eventually becoming friends with both her and Shion, though Ilya favored Shion for her assets. When the split happened, Ilya took Shion's side.

THE TIME WITH SHION                                                                                                                              With Shion, Ilya was the happiest yet, though when Shion lost a bet (again, what a surprise) and became Medusa's slave for a little bit. Shion eventually asked for Ilya to become her master. Ilya reluctantly accepted this. In the begining Ilya asked Shion if she wanted her freedom every five minutes it seems, though when Shion finally declaired that she wanted Ilya as a master. This led to a time of great happiness for Ilya, even when Kana left Ilya remained happy and confident that this would last for a long time, if not forever.

TEAM ILYA                                                                                                                                                        With Ilya as Shion's master and Shion as Nymph's master, Ilya eventually decided to call her small group of friends Team Ilya. This team at its height had 12 members including: Ilya, Berserker, Shion, Nymph, Archer, Shinobu, Erica, Nep Nep, Prinz, Saori, Mio and Asuna. This team eventually lost it's name when Shion got engaged to Hoshi and Erica decided to become the Abyssal Ship, Wo-Class.

BIG CHANGES IN THE GAMES                                                                                                                        With the engagement of Shion and loss of Erica, Ilya felt lost after having seemingly lost her two closest friends. With the assistance of Ta-Class, however, Ilya was able to come to terms with both events and give Hoshi and Shion her blessing. She also began to focus on getting Wo-Class to become her friend along with all of the Abyssal Ships.

ILYA NOW                                                                                                                                                          Currently Ilya is looking to improve her relationship with the Abyssal ships and continue trying to make peace with Eruka.