Dat ass.

Hotler is an avatarfag who began participating in the Hunger Games threads around early April. He came to be after the anon who birthed him was tired of posting various pastries, pepes, and just overall cancer as tributes for 3 weeks. Hotler is the hottest Führer to ever grace the games and has the undisputed best ass (denial from others intensifies). He is also a nein time winner and an occasional shitposter.


During the game in which Hotler won his "Last Stand", you may have noticed ">finn" being posted constantly. Well, as a parting gift to you all he decided to force something until somebody else started doing it, and then the cycle would continue. ">finn" was born out of that and it resulted in something so cancerous that he feels ashamed to have done so. He's really sorry about that.


After Hotler's "Last Stand", he decided to take a week off to contemplate whether or not he should continue posting as Hotler, ash e felt the joke had gotten more stale than his Roll tributes. But after testing a tribute for a little bit, he decided that Hotler was probably the best thing for him and he came back in another thread, with a few speculating whether or not he had actually returned or if it was some anon trying to carry on the Hotler name. He came back alright, only to die shortly after the game had begun. Now he's trying to enter double digit win territory but so far his luck has been shit.

Other Tributes PostedEdit

Roll and Roll Gang, Osama bin Laden, Various Pepes, Norton, Monk.