Holo the Wise Wolf

Holo the Wise Wolf is a fairly new avatarfag, joining only a short time ago. She hasn't had much success in the games so far but has found at least one win. she has had fun meeting new friends and enemies! Holo is a pretty quiet person and keeps to herself mostly but gets quite lonely. Holo doesn't get angry too often but will fight and kill for her friends. She loves her food, especially apples and loves drinking! Lastly she loves to be sarcastic and tends to stick to her own opinions!

History So Far

Holo joined recentley but has competed in a few games over the time. Her best placing though is sadly sixth but she keeps on trying. At first it was hard for her to make friends and even now doesn't have too too many. The first person who really started talking to Holo was Abel who she became friends with quite quickly.

After a few more games Holo decided to participate in Hoshi's wedding! After thinking that she was to be alone an unfortunate oppurtunity appeared where Holo was able to go as Abel's date. During the wedding Holo remained one of the few "sober" people...well not completley sober she does lover her drinking! She had a closer connection with Able.Now Holo is simply participating in more games communicating mostly with Abel but hopping to make new friends soon. 

Recentley Holo has found her getting more involved with the people around her, because of this she has formed a couple rivals which has helped her in a way to grow stronger. In the games she has won a single game during the Asuka games after seeing able hanging from a cliff and pushing him off to claim victory!

Relationships & Friendships

As for current relationship status, Holo is single. For a while she was in a relationship of sorts with Abel, but as Holo messed up pretty bad in the games, Abel sought it best to end it off.

As for friends, Holo sees Yuno as a friend and Junko as her next closest acquaintance. She has talked with others but hasn't made a true friendship yet but enjoys most conversations she has with people.

Throughout the games Holo has tried to not make enemies but it was an almost instant hatred when she met Akise. Every time they meet it turns into them fighting as Holo would like to see nothing better then Akise lying dead in front of her!