Shadow freddy bright

Shadow Freddy Fuckboy's intro screen

Bios Edit

Freddy Fuckboy, or Fuckboy for short, is an animatronic Bear (or as he prefers "Robotic Shitlord").

Freddy Fuckboy Originates from the game "Five Nights At Fuckboys" where Freddy does what he do best: Fucks shit up with his team of animatronics.

Friends and Relatives. Edit

Fuckboy has also made allies but is usually too high to give a fuck.

Stats Edit

Freddy Fuckboy has won a total of 0 games.

He hosted 2 games in his time: Day of Debauchery: Beta edition and Day of Debauchery: Gamma edition.

Alternate variations Edit

Freddy Fuckboy has several different versions. Including:

Shadow Freddy Fuckboy

Phantom Freddy Fuckboy

Nightmare Freddy Fuckboy

Fredbear Fuckboy

Toy Fuckboy

Party Fuckboy (once)

Gallery Edit

Fedbear Fuckboy

Fredbear Fuckboy

Nightmare Freddy Fuckboy

Nightmare Freddy Fuckboy

King of Blunts

Toy Fuckboy