District 12 Edit

District 12 is the most based district. It originated in mid April with the avatars known as : Wolfie, Ultron and Macho Man Randy Savage.

The district is known for hyping and caps lock posting District 12, It truly is the most hyped district.

On May the 11th the Hoshi x Shion Wedding happened and District 12 expanded with the adding of Ramsay Bolton, Shiro, Yunko, SHIELD and Littlefinger who had a plan to make it a red wedding with the support of the original District 12, it succeeded and District 12 hit it's all time biggest hype during the wedding.

If you weren't there, you missed out on a lot.

Macho Man's Leave Edit

Macho Man Randy Savage told tributes that he was going to be retiring, with the message "Maybe we'll see each other again someday".

Almost 2 weeks later, Macho Man entered the thread with a link to his entrance theme song and the caption "FROM SARASOTA, FLORIDAAAAAA". This got everyone hyped as fuck, until he made his announcement.

I am officially retiring the Macho Man. There is no going back. I felt guilty in my last goodbye saying "maybe we'll see each other again" because I didn't want everyone to be asking "Oh, Macho Man will most definitely be back because he said maybe". I cannot thank you all enough for the endless amount of joy and laughter i've shared with you all. As a goodbye, i'm hosting one final Macho Game, and the winner will officially take my place next to Wolfie and Ultron on the District 12 roster."
After a 36 tribute game, Gravesly emerged victorious and took the Macho Man's spot. He was accepted by Wolfie, and Ultron seems to enjoy the skeleman's presence.

"I like him"